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The title says it all, yesterday i ingested far too many caffeinated beverages, hopped on Skype and sails linked me this banging 147 bpm track. A brief look around youtube and shopping spree on beatport resulted in what you have in front of you. 30 minutes of acid dripping 145+ psytrance. 


01. Acid Waves (Original Mix) - Ananda Shake, Faders
02. Space Cadet (Original Mix) - Space Tribe, Stryker
03. Dirty Piece (Original Mix) - A-Team
04. Everything is Energy (Original Mix) - Alienn
05. Bankai (Zinx Remix) - Ex-Gen
06. Behaviour Predator (Original Mix) - A-Mush, Remove
07. Dark Moon (Original Mix) - CtrlZ3ta, Kosmic Eyes
08. Abstract (Original Mix) - D.N.I, Painn
09. Vatos Locos Forever (Original Mix) - Technodrome, Stereopanic
10. We Gonna Kick Your Ass (vs. Panayota) (feat. Panayota) (Original Mix) - H1N1

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